Bryson DeChambeau The Most Fascinating Golfer At Masters

Bryson DeChambeau. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau is a name that most sports fans are not yet familiar with. But the reigning US Amateur champion is raising eyebrows in the golf world because of some radical ideas he is using on the course.

DeChambeau, easily recognizable on the course with his Ben Hogan-style cap, refers to himself as a quirky thinker - he lists Albert Einstein among his idols - and it is clear that he is not afraid to think outside the box. What really makes him stand out is his swing - the single- or one-plane golf swing, an idea so radical that nobody on the PGA Tour uses it and he believes it can change the game of golf.

The idea of the single-plane golf swing is simple: The angle of the golf club in relation to the ground - 70 degrees - never changes. The club goes up in the backswing and comes down along the same path.

Compare that to the swing of Jordan Spieth, who has a more traditional approach. The club at the top of his backswing is pointing straight up and then it is dropped into a "slot," where it then approaches the ball at a lower angle. Also notice how the left arm of DeChambeau never bends and Spieth's head dips on the down swing while DeChambeau's head remains almost perfectly still throughout.

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